Submit your queer poem, short fiction or short non-fiction to Beyond Queer Words, an international queer anthology.

Please pay attention: we only consider works up to 2000 words.

The 4th edition of our anthology will be published in February 2023.

We promise a 3-day turnaround for all submissions. 

Visit our website and follow us on Instagram: @beyondqueerwords 

Good luck!

In June 2023, the fifth edition of our international collection of queer literature and visual art - Beyond Queer Words 2023 - will be published!

Beyond Queer Words features carefully-selected poetry, flash fiction and non-fiction works, along with  visual art by queer artists. Beyond Queer Words is a printed publication, but we also offer a digital edition.

Our Editorial Board includes writers, editors and artists from the community.

We invite you to submit your poetry (up to 3 poems per submission), short stories (one story per submission) or visual art (up to 15 pieces per submission).

We promise a quick turnaround of 72 hours until we send you our decision. We will consider literary works that do not exceed 2000 words.

We accept previously published works.

We are OK with simultaneous submissions, just let us know if your piece gets accepted elsewhere.
Follow us on Instagram @beyondqueerwords for the latest updates.

Our website is - check it out! This is where you can also view our digital editions and order copies of our past anthologies. 

Good luck! 

Beyond Queer Words